by Looney Buns

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This is futuristic retro, experimental dance pop music, a hybrid made of disco, folk, electronic, psychedelic, cosmic dance, circus muzak, space pop, bubblegum kitsch, candy avantgarde and many ingredients that simply evade description.


released May 3, 2011

Looney Buns



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Looney Buns Poland

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Track Name: Crazy Girl
I know a crazy girl, I know a crazy girl
Now she lives up the ceiling, then she lives down the stairs

I know a crazy girl, I know a crazy girl
She's lost all of her marbles, but then she's found a pearl

I know a crazy girl, I know a crazy girl
She likes Bollywood movies, she likes books of Husserl

I know a crazy girl, I know a crazy girl
She likes to dress in circles, she likes to walk on squares
Track Name: Poker Ace
Playing poker with fallen angels
I have found the way out of hell
Cheating with venerable strangers
Bumped my head on the holy bell

Cleaning out my refrigerator
I uncovered a royal flush
Snatched a purse off an alligator
Found some poker chips, but no cash

Hanging on the wire
Shoot me on the phone
Put my ears on fire
With the dial tone
Poke me in the face 'cause
You are poker ace
Hanging on the wire
Poke me in the face

Playing joker for your amusement
I can steal from the queen of hearts
Gambling down in your father's basement
Lost my eye in the game of darts

Wearing crown of the king of clubs I
Sold my heart to the rolling dice
Roll your eyes when you say goodbye and
Let me beg for your pretty lies
Track Name: Full Moon
I'm staring at the ceiling watching shadows come and go
I feel the moon is reeling in the ketchup rodeo
I am putting some tzatziki on a chili pie
I feel like I am panicking but I don't know why

As the full moon is drawing a circle across the sky

I'm looking at the city turning flashlights on and off
Feel the night's turning pretty sour stroganoff
See the red lights blinking from a roof of a car
As the blood is inking the lips of a popcorn star

As the full moon is drawing a circle across the sky

The full moon is out to play tonight...
Track Name: Ice Cream in the Sun
Pick a stick and dog a walk
Shaking hands, laughing friends, clothing brands, sock
Fix your face with magic goo
Wait for the dream to come true

Clouds are on the run
Flies play with the fan
Ice cream in the sun
Melting on a cinnamon bun

Search the bed to find the clue
Sleepy head, eyes are red, cockroach's dead, shoe
Clean the beach and wait for snow
Play a divertimento

Fries fry on the pan
Blaze is set to stun
Ice cream in the sun
Chasing darker shade of the tan

Blue is high and green is low
Break the fence, make no sense, absurdance, go
Dutch to fly and French for fries
Swiss to whip the cream on the ice

Fries fry on the pan
Sun sets in Japan
Ice cream on the run
Chasing darker shade of the tan
Track Name: Hippie Hippie Manic Pulse
Hipsters in bright shiny suits, riding in a white Mercedes Benz
Drugsters in black BMW, shaking their heads in a lunatic trance

In a hippie hippie manic pulse

Silicon girls from glamour catalog, aping giraffes on a catwalk
Smokers in the nicotine fog, glimmering fireflies in a flock of clouds

In a hippie hippie manic pulse

Dancers fighting laser beam, searching for the floor in a cloud of dust
Drinkers running out of steam, struggling to break through the shapeless mass

In a hippie hippie manic pulse

Zombies in the morning light, looking for a bed in a deadly heat
Street-cars of fainting desires, hunting for shades with bare, empty seats

In a hippie hippie manic pulse
Track Name: Dessert Rats
Walking through the door of the optimistic enhancements
I can hear the roar of the atavistic announcements
I am looking for a grain of salt in the desert plains of my dessert
I am hearing echoes in the vault, as a siren is calling the alert

Here come the dessert rats slipping on the fat icing on the cake of doom
Here come the dessert rats, here comes the boom

Eating from a plate of these sweetly fraudulent debentures
I am getting late for a slightly indecent adventure
I am looking for a trace of rain in the desert plains of my dessert
I am searching seemingly in vein, for a siren is calling the alert

Looking at a sign of the imperceivable destruction
I can feel the grime of this questionable attraction
I will lean in for the kiss of death, in the desert plains of my dessert
I am scouting for a closing breath, as a siren is calling the alert
Track Name: Soda Pop
I'm drinking my excitement
'till the vanity of glass
embrace the variety of fuss
over this soda pop

I'm sinking with my white taints
in a pool of my sweat
as I undermine my bet
on a diversity of outcomes we can get
in a game of stick and slap

Excitement, soda pop, soda pop, soda pop...

I'm solving my puzzlement
writing down the missing piece
of secret, obscure recipe
to make our soda pop

I nuzzle into settlement
of strange and kitchen instruments
lurking from rather indecent
unmeasurable clatter that were meant
to lay down there as a trap

Excitement, soda pop, soda pop, soda pop...

I hope that you don't mind it
as I'm making up my mind
for the inevitable find
of our soda pop

I'm looking for a blind bit
of indifference inside your eyes
that could turn tears into ice
supporting countless tricks that we play nice
but we don't know when to stop
Track Name: Sailor Songs
Breaking a glass in search for a drink
Smashed into pieces, glittering in the sink
Wet paper boat for a thirsty throat
Singing dirty sailor songs by the fire

Putting sun oil on a paper plane
Drowning in hope that it will fly in the rain
Building a shed on a water bed
Singing dirty sailor songs by the fire

My life among the machines
Is defined by the quality of my dreams
Sailing through electric seas
The weather's bad and the rigging is Chinese

Running away on a paper train
Time's passing by, but everything looks the same
Sleeping through days for the nights to waste
Singing dirty sailor songs by the fire

The tide is getting high, the winds are howling
The waves are crashing on the edge of my bed
The air is getting thick, the water's boiling
The tide is getting high, in my clogged up sink
Track Name: Holidays in the Sand
Out in the open field without an end of endless crowd
Taking a color photo of myself, as I'm laughing out loud

Looking for an empty chat
I don't know who I'm staring at
Holidays in a dry cyclone

Rambling through sand blurry breeze
I don't know where my ferry is
And my smile is dry to the bone

Charming glamorous biped, looking at the joy ahead
Smashing pillows in a bed of high libido
Running after salty taste of grains of sand on pretty face
To break apart an ancient vase, like fine torpedo
Track Name: Bubblegum
I bend my jaw on a u-turn, I'm never gonna learn that
You can't chew bubblegum on the run
I get sunburns under my skin, I'm never gonna win
The sun is in the sky

Working on my tan, I grow bubbles from a gum
I start to feel I'm getting somewhere
Chewing bubblegum, while I work hard on my tan
I start to feel I'm getting somewhere

I feed jellyfish with my feet, while the sea spits on my seat
My hand easily blend with the sand
I grew bubbles out of my dreams, they played in opposite teams
I wonder who has won

Working on my tan...

Bang, bang, bang!

I play softly with a big gun, mouthful of pink bubblegum
The bubble's gonna pop
Track Name: Ponds of Cheese
Tell me what's the forecast
What is there before us
Gazing out from nothingness which hides behind the door

Let me see the big screen
Shining when the lights dim
Let me look at curiosities I have never seen

Talking on the phone you are
Fishing in a fondue pot
Talking 'bout the things that please
us by ponds of cheese

Surfing the magnificent ponds of cheese...

What is on the menu
Can you find a brand new
Kind of Camembert that you could nibble with a friend

Tell me what the score is
Racing for a cheap kiss
Playing out those silly games we take too seriously
Track Name: Are You Down for Getting Up?
Are you down for getting up?
Are you up for getting down?
Are you down for getting high?
Or are you too high for getting up?

I wanna hop over your hip,
I wanna dance around your hut,
I wanna pimp-up my hat
And walk around the block

Are you down for getting up?
Are you up for getting down?
Are you down for getting high?
Or are you too high for getting up?

I wanna bump over your hut
I wanna beep over your hip
I'm gonna pimp-up my horse
And ride into your heart, lalala
Track Name: Deep Space
Nebula of strange colors transforming cosmic waves
Is hunting down solar photons in constant chase
Shimmering on the ceiling reflecting on the floor
Amplifies the feeling that I was waiting for

Molecules floating into outer space
Particles scouting for the impossible ways

To look for a reason to clear the hatch to deep space
Looking at invisible doors to secret state of grace

Escaping space distortions, when warning lights turn red
I approach with caution the border of my bed
Hiding behind the sun rays, riding a moonlight storm
Heading into deep space, I feel empty and worn


Looking for invisible Road that leads to deep space
Pulling undetachable strings to link the nights with days
Track Name: Hard Beep
Sine waves animate my feelings
Refined by flutter industry
Square games determine my thinking
Internally shorting my pins

Hard beep outruns my heart beat, each lap

Blinking lights deface my vision
It's clear, but I can't see a thing

Hard beep...